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Jul 18, 2019

If you haven’t failed in 6-months, then you are not risking.


Today's featured bestselling author is success coach, acclaimed keynote speaker, and USMC veteran, Michael Botts. Michael and I have a great chat about success, giving yourself permission to feel bad for a moment and tons more!!!


Key Takeaways:



Jul 15, 2019

Life rewards those who serve from their heart with focus.


Today's featured bestselling author is TEDx speaker and transformational teacher, Teo Alfero. Teo and I talk about his newest book, how he founded the Wolf Connection sanctuary and tons more!!


Key Takeaways:

Follow your passion and serve with excellence to...

Jul 11, 2019

“There’s a difference between paying your dues and being abused.” - Kevin Sampson


Today's featured author and fellow podcast host is film critic, film director, and festival director, Kevin Sampson. Kevin and I have a fun chat about how he became a film critic, what made him start a film festival for people of...

Jul 8, 2019

“Find something that nourishes your soul.” - Sandra Biskind


Today's featured #1 bestselling author is global thought leader, international speaker and spiritual mentor, Sandra Biskind. Sandra and I talk about her upbringing, the PLATINUM life and tons more! 


Key Takeaways:

Our conscious mind runs 5% of the time....

Jul 4, 2019

“Everything in life is an adventure.” - Jenn Taylor


Today's featured author is fellow podcaster, speaker and mother to 18 children, Jenn Taylor. Jenn and I have a wonderful chat about those who inspired her to be a confident lady, how running has helped her live with passion and tons more!