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May 17, 2021

“I’m scared of everything that’s why I write about scary stuff.” – Kristina Rienzi


Today’s featured bestselling author is mom, wife, certified professional coach, the former president of Sisters in Crime-Central Jersey, and an INFJ who dreams beyond big, Kristina Rienzi. Kristina and I talk about...

May 17, 2021

“Transmute your fear into intentional advancement.” – Dom Brightmon

Today’s bonus episode features the host himself sharing some thoughts on how to uncover and create content from using your life experiences.


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

Why you should bet on yourself.

Why you must create content and why...

May 13, 2021

“Every day is a brick. Every day you are building a foundation that’s going to eventually get you to an expected end.” – Rennie Curran

Today’s featured bestselling author is keynote speaker, leadership coach, former American football linebacker for the Tennessee Titans, and CEO of Game Changer Coaching, Rennie...

May 10, 2021

“Save your marriage before it starts.” - William Edward Turner


Today’s featured author is certified Biblical counselor, speaker, publisher, and creator of A New Heart Divorce Recovery Services and Pre-Engagement Coaching, Min. William Edward Turner. William and I have a chat about going the prevention route...

May 6, 2021

“I want each book to be better than the last one.” – Rachael Tamayo

Today’s featured award-winning international bestselling author is mom, wife, former 911 emergency operator, and Freelance Editor, Rachael Tamayo. Rachael and I have a chat about the writer’s growth mindset, why she no longer writes fiction...