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Feb 4, 2019

"Find your purpose." - Darren Mitchell


Today's featured author is life coach and speaker, Darren Mitchell. Darren and I chat about his journey to finally publishing his first book, lessons learned from publishing it and much much more!


Key Takeaways from this Episode:


  • The real work begins after your book is published.
  • “This book is an extension of me.”
  • Nothing is ever as easy as you think it will be.
  • Writing thoughts about quotes to put in a book can be more difficult than a story because you are constantly switching a thought process depending on the quote.
  • Adapt to setbacks when trying to finish a project.
  • A good way to find a coach is through referral and making sure they have a proven track record.


Darren's Book: 

Darren's Site: 


A special shout out goes to Marcus D (@marcusd) for his track, "Morning Light" from the Melancholy Prequel (Redux). This album can be copped through this link.…el-rising-sun-redux