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Listen, Learn, Share, & Connect.

Apr 11, 2019

"Bad leaders teach us what not to do." - Kevin Wayne Johnson


Today's featured bestselling author is a fellow certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Speaker and Trainer, Kevin Wayne Johnson. Kevin and I talk about 3 characteristics that every leader should have, what every millennial leader should consider as their first steps in a new role and tons more!


Key Takeaways:


The 3 qualities that every leader should have would include integrity, character, and good communication.


Active listening shows that you care and that makes you an effective communicator.


Leaders always are learning and they place themselves in an environment that promotes continuous learning.

One method of connecting will not always work because everyone receives messages differently and learns differently.


Being a leader doesn’t mean that you have the answer. It means that you must engage your team at a higher level than ever.


When leading multiple generations, never assume what each one needs. Meet them at their point of need and ask for feedback.


Engage those around you instead of making assumptions.


Diversity & Inclusion is the hot topic among non-profit organizations and churches.


Try to read a minimum of 1 book a month. Especially a leadership book.


Keep a book or 2 with you if you travel a lot by air.


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