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Jul 22, 2019

“Motivation is very temporal.” - Treveal Lynch


Today's featured author is minister and personal trainer, Treveal CW Lynch. Treveal and I have a deep conversation about his newest book, the power of words and more!!!


Key Takeaways:


See yourself as a great contribution to society.

Get actual rest.

Comparisons are what you believe what you don’t have.

True happiness lies within you and not things.

Happiness is what people understand but self-satisfaction is what we truly desire.

One thing you say may mean everything to one person because our words have power.

Your encouragement may help someone change their life for the better.

“Our very lives are a contribution.”

“Live your best existence for you.”


Treveal's Site:

Treveal's Books:


The opening song for this episode is titled, "Faith" by Marcus D. Cop the track through this link: 


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