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Aug 12, 2019

“Mental health is just as important as physical health.” - Michelle Dickinson


Today's featured author is fellow inspirational speaker, empathic leader, and difference-maker, Michelle Dickinson. Michelle and I talk about her book, the writing process for it and looking at mental illness from a different lens.


Key Takeaways:

It all starts with kids having healthy minds.

The brain is an organ and just like any other body part you get support for.

We have the power to create our future regardless of our past.

Rough beginnings teach you resilience.

Be committed to vividly telling your story when sharing it.

“Speak up. Take care of yourself. Make yourself a priority.”



Michelle's Site:


Michelle's Book:


The opening track is titled, "A Beautiful Heroine" by Rukunetsu (AKA Project R). To listen and purchase the full song, click the following link. 



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