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Sep 26, 2019

“We have forgotten that we’re a part of nature.” - Miguel Dean


Today's featured author is fellow podcaster and holder of sacred space, Miguel Dean. Miguel and I talk about his latest book, "Bring Him Home" and the forgotten masculine energy known as the sacred masculine.


Key Takeaways:

Relationships are deep conscious work.

There’s a better version of masculinity that’s been lost in recent years.

We are all living different versions of the same story of dealing with difficult challenges.

Becoming a better version of yourself cannot be fully done in isolation.

“Money comes and goes but time just goes.”

Conscious relationships will bring things that are not of love into the open to be transformed.

Vulnerability allows you to connect with more people.

What does the best version of yourself look like?

Change is always an inside job.

Allow time for stillness in your life.



Miguel's Site:

Miguel's New Book:


The opening track is titled "True Victory (Remix)" by Asis Galvin. Be sure to capture this beat by clicking the following link.


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