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Sep 22, 2021

“You can’t get to the next place with the same connections you have today.” – Kym Glass

Today’s 4th of 5 bonus inspirational author panels for September 2021 features 3 of the authors from the number one bestselling book, “The Fearless Entrepreneurs: Fear Less; Be More”. We talked about what it means to be...

Sep 20, 2021

“Focus on producing a work of quality that will stand the test of time.” - Marilyn Kriete

Today’s featured author is wife, and lady of many talents, Marilyn Kriete. Marilyn and I talk about her memoir, advice for newer writers looking to publisher their book, and more!!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

What inspired...

Sep 18, 2021

“IQ gets you in the door. EQ gets you up the ladder.” – Dr. Irvine Nugent

Today’s featured bestselling author is Behavioral Analyst Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Trainer, Dr. Irvine Nugent. Dr. Irvine and I talk about his latest book, the benefits of high Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and more leadership...

Sep 16, 2021

“Adulting is overrated.” - Gregory Erich Phillips

Today’s featured award-winning author is tango dancer and musician, Gregory Erich Phillips. Gregory and I talk about how he got started in writing, the unexpected gifts he received out of the pandemic, and more!!


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

What inspired him to...

Sep 15, 2021

“We need to treat ourselves like someone we love.” – Pamela Gort

Today’s 3rd of 5 bonus inspirational author panels for September 2021 features 4 of the authors from the bestselling book, “Invisible No More; Invincible Forever More: Inspiring Stories from Women Who Have Gone From Invisible to Invincible”. We...