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Dec 30, 2019

“Quitting is not an option.” – Dr. Eric Holmes


Today’s featured award-winning and bestselling author is minister, motivational speaker, and radio show host, Dr. Eric Holmes. Dr. Eric and I talk about what helped him gain success with his 1st 2 books, not giving up on your God-given vision and more!


Key Takeaways:

When starting a book, do your research and have a mentor.

Some down times in life are merely speed bumps on your way to your goal.

Keep people around you that push you to go further.

Mentors should have your best interests at heart and wisdom they can pour into you.

Understand how powerful your seed is.

“Someone else is dependent on your testimony.”

“Always push, press and pursue.”

You always got to put in the work.

Prayer still works.

Faith will take you further than you thought possible.



Dr. Eric’s Books:


The opening song for this episode is titled, "Faith" by Marcus D. Cop the track through this link:


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