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Feb 6, 2020

“It’s one thing to know the gift, it’s another thing to nurture the gift.” – Dr. Ray Charles


Today’s featured bestselling author is keynote speaker, risk management specialist, certified spiritual coach, and fellow podcast host, Dr. Ray Charles. Dr. Ray and I talk about being proactive, how he serves leaders, and tons more!!!


Key Takeaways:

Every go-to person needs a go-to person in their time of need.

Don’t allow your success be a Pyrrhic victory.

Have a global corporate network of mentors that will mirror your world clock. Don’t just limit them to the US.

Always be in a state of readiness.

Readiness requires a state of intentionality.

Focus on the kilobytes of life when making progress instead of the terabytes.

Be proactive on one thing.

Always set timely specific goals to proactively manifest your desires.

“Be proactive to the next step.”

Setbacks will come. Turn them into a failing forward moment.

Set your mind ahead of time on how you can be resilient.

“Life was designed to be an ecosystem.”

Find your DNA, your Distinct Natural Ability

“Falling is part of the formation process.”

Always have both skill and heart.

Serving leaders is Dr. Ray’s mission.

Be intentional about who your mentors are.

Hedge your risk in life by having mentors.

“Stress is not going to take me out.”

Be intentional in developing your gifts.

Be open and stay in a place of humility.


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