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Jul 13, 2020

“Health isn’t something to think about only when there’s a crisis, it’s really a gift that we want to be working on and nurturing and taking care of all the time.” – Brigitte Mars


Today’s featured award-winning bestselling author is herbalist, natural food chef, and nutritional consultant of Natural Health with almost fifty years of experience, Brigitte Mars. Brigitte and I talk about living a healthy life of disease prevention, things to consider for a healthier environment (both physical and mental), and tons more on how to improve our health in a proactive way!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

How and why Brigitte became an herbalist.

How to have a better morning.

What Brigitte does when her kids (and grandkids) ask for money and how they learn about plants

Some steps you can take for illness/disease prevention instead of remedy only solutions.


Brigitte’s Site:

Brigitte’s Books:


The opening track is titled “Harvest Moon” by Marcus D. To listen and support him, click the following link. 


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