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Aug 31, 2020

We are masters at making excuses. Be a master of making a living.


Today’s featured international bestselling author is 25 year careered CEO, EMMY® Award-winning producer, Motivational Speaker,  Sports Performance & Personal Transformational teacher with over 14,000 hours on stage around the world, Dr. Travis Fox. Dr. Travis and I talk about why we must challenge our beliefs, why he believes we put too much focus on a person’s mindset and Architecting a lifestyle, without missing your life.


Key Things You’ll Learn:

What type of process we get wrong as we go through life.

What climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro taught him about living.

The quickest way to find your true passion.

Why we must challenge our beliefs.

Why your mindset is not everything.

What his autistic son taught him about true presence.



Travis’ Site:

Travis’ Book:,team%20to%20expand%20without%20boarders

How Thoughts Become Things, the Movie:


The opening track is titled “Kirin” by Marcus D. to listen to the full track and purchase the whole album, click the following link.


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