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Jul 11, 2022

“If you’re too underconfident to collaborate, you are impairing your success.” – Fred Joyal

Today’s featured bestselling author is speaker, entrepreneur, and business advisor, Fred Joyal. Fred and I have a fun high-energy chat about his book, “Superbold: From Under-Confident to Charismatic in 90 Days”, why boldness is a skill that can be developed, and more to help you have more confidence!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

How boldness is something that can be taught.

How he beat Sir Richard Branson in a game of chess.

Why you need to talk to strangers.

The difference between comfort and convenience.


Fred’s Site:

Fred’s Books:


The opening track is titled “Set Sail” by Sparks Dynamite. To cop the whole track, click the following link.


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