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Dec 31, 2020

“Perfection doesn’t exist and that’s okay.” – Kristy Smith

Today’s featured bonus author is wife, mom, world traveler, and avid tennis player, Kristy Smith. Kristy and I talk about conquering the fears that authors face before hitting the publish button, what traveling taught her about life, and more!!!


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

The 2 main lessons Kristy’s learned from traveling.

What inspired Kristy’s love for both reading and writing vampire novels.

The 3 things she learned from publishing book one that she plans to apply for her next book.

Why you must let go of the illusion of perfection when publishing your work.

How writing and publishing your book helps you learn new skills.

The fear that Kristy had overcome in order to press the publish button for her novel.



Kristy’s Author Site:

Kristy’s Books:


The opening track is titled “Harvest Moon” by Marcus D. To listen and support him, click the following link.


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