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Feb 15, 2021

“You have no limits except the ones that you believe in.” – Hale Dwoskin


Today’s featured New York Times best-selling author is an international speaker, a founding member of The Transformational Leadership Council, founder of Sedona Training Associates, and the only teacher to appear in both “The Secret” & “The Greatest Secret”, Hale Dwoskin. Hale and I have a fun chat about his appearance in Rhonda Byrne’s newest book soon to be documentary, “The Greatest Secret”, letting go of the things that hold you back, and more Sedona Method goodness.


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

The reason he had little screen time in the movie, “The Secret”

The 2 keys to his sustainable success with teaching the Sedona Method.

A practical thing you can do right now to start letting go.

What letting go feels like.


Hale’s Site:

Hale’s Books:


The opening track is titled, “Greater Purpose (Instrumental)” by Marcus D. To cop the full track, click on the following link.



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