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Oct 23, 2021

“Sometimes you get laid off, but you can also be lifted up.” – Tiana Sanchez

Today’s featured bestselling author is Award-Winning Executive Coach, Conscious Leadership Practitioner, Corporate Trainer, and Host of the Like a REAL Boss Podcast, Tiana Sanchez. Tiana and I talk about bouncing back from a lay-off that set her up for a decade-plus of entrepreneurial success, the necessity of resourcefulness, and more!


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

How to view failure as an opportunity.

How to stand out in your space (especially as a woman of color).

How Tiana was able to shift her focus while dealing with a flurry of setbacks.


Tiana’s Site:

Tiana’s Books:

Tiana’s Podcast, “Like a REAL Boss”:


The opening track is "Phoenix Rises" by Asis Galvin. Click on the following link to listen to the full track and cop the album.


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