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May 17, 2022

“If you have an idea, it’s because you’re the one to see it through.” – Dr. Debi Silber

Today’s featured international bestselling bookcaster is mom, wife, holistic psychologist, TEDx speaker, and the founder of the PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation) Institute, Dr. Debi Silber. Dr. Debi and I have a high-energy chat about her book, “Trust Again: Overcoming Betrayal and Regaining Health, Confidence, and Happiness”, and how an unhealed betrayal impacts our health, work, and relationships.


Key Things You’ll Learn:

How she became an expert on betrayal

How betrayal is predictable

How betrayal affects your body

How betrayal show up in your relationships, work, and life

The five stages from betrayal to breakthrough


Dr. Debi’s Site:

Dr.  Debi’s Books:


The opening track is titled, “Harbinger” by Asis Galvin. To listen and purchase the full track, click the following link.


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