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Dec 14, 2022

“Our children are our greatest inspiration.” – Eleni Fuiaxis

Kids are exposed to many negative things at an early age. As adults, we need beautiful tools to get ahead of those negative things and help kids focus on learning more about life from a good perspective. Books are tools full of knowledge with magic embedded on each page. These books are where children can connect most profoundly. In today’s episode, Eleni Fuiaxis, the author of Picky Patrick, shares the inspiration behind the book from The Kids We Love Collection and her incredible journey of reading stories to children. She also shows how she can settle the kids down once they start acting up just by opening a book. Tune in to this inspirational episode as Eleni opens a path to connecting children to books.


The opening track is titled, "Heartbreaking Heartbeat" by Rukunetsu (AKA Project R). To listen and purchase the full song, click the following link.


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