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Jan 23, 2023

“We need to first belong to ourselves in order to belong and fit into how we can bring our gifts to a group.” – Holland Haiis

Today’s featured award-winning author is a human connection catalyst, workplace strategist, executive coach, and keynote speaker, Holland Haiis. Holland and I have a fun chat about her book, “Consciously Connecting: A Simple Process to Reconnect in a Disconnected World”, the power of owning your difference, and more!!!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

What helped her to develop her self-awareness

How to start your day on the right foot

How to reconnect with your inner self


Holland’s Site:

Holland’s Book:


A special shout-out goes to Asis Galvin for his Big O Remix from the Solar Mixtape. The mixtape can be copped through this link.


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