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Sep 30, 2020

Always keep mental health in mind, especially as an entrepreneur.


Today’s featured bestselling author is professional speaker, entrepreneur, and former financial advisor, Rachel Richards. Rachel and I talk about how she is financially staying afloat during COVID, what to expect from her updated book, staying focused, and more!!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

How Rachel got a head start in finances that led her to own 40 rental units (without being a trust fund baby).

What keeps Rachel laser-focused on her goals, especially the financial ones.

Why job security is not income security.

The 2 places where authors should not be cheap when it comes to publishing their books.

How she unintentionally built a launch team for her first book.

What Rachel does to keep her mind fresh and healthy.

What is Rachel’s night routine.

What to do to bypass imposter syndrome.



Rachel’s Site:

Rachel’s Books:

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The opening tune is titled "The Paycheck Song (Instrumental)" by Asis Galvin (@AsisGalvin). Click the following link to cop this album as well as his other works.


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