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Feb 25, 2019

“Take time out of your life to give it into someone else’s life.” - Ken Rupert


Today's featured author is US Army veteran, speaker and Caregiver coach, Ken Rupert. Ken and I talk about what inspired him to become a caregiver coach, what it means to be a financial black belt, and tons more!


Key takeaways:


  • Martial arts is about subduing the threat and seize opportunities. Finances work the same way.
  • Caregivers need care too. Empathy is key.
  • “You don’t have time to complain when people are shooting at you.”
  • Adapt. Adjust. Overcome.
  • Put a number to what you are doing. Find a way to quantify what you’re doing.
  • “Every aspect of life has a financial component.”
  • Avoid the “stupid” debt.
  • Eliminate threats and seize the opportunity.
  • “Quantify the quality of your actions.”
  • Have an income distribution strategy instead of a budget.
  • Never feel guilty about taking out time for yourself. Especially if you are a caregiver.


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