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Aug 19, 2019

“The world has a weird way of introducing you to individuals.” - David Ritz


Today's featured bestselling & award-winning author is ghostwriter, biographer, and lyricist, David Ritz. David and I talk about selling yourself and how he became a ghostwriter for Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Grandmaster Flash and tons more!


Key Takeaways:

Ghostwriting is sort of like acting because you are playing the role of another person but through writing.


Every book is a different challenge because it’s a different character.


Never let rejection paralyze you from getting your work published.


A ghostwriter’s job is to listen. Listen to make a living.


Selling is something you can like when you believe in what you’re selling.


A ghostwriter should write the book that they want to read and not the book they want to write.


“Don’t go crazy and try to make a living.”


David's Book:


David's Site: 


A special shout out goes to Marcus D (@marcusd) for his track, "Morning Light" from the Melancholy Prequel (Redux). This album can be copped through this link.


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