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Jan 18, 2021

“Everybody has a story. Everybody’s life is interesting.” – Bob Brill


Today’s featured bestselling author is an award-winning broadcaster, screenwriter, producer, and news anchor at CBS Radio LA; KNX 1070, Bob Brill. Bob and I talk about creativity, his future projects for 2021, and more!


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

What keeps Bob creative.

Why your life is interesting than you think.

Bob’s “Why” for writing.



Bob’s Site:

Bob’s Books:


The opening track is titled "Morning Light" by Marcus D. Stop by his site and check out some more of his musical goodness by clicking the following link.


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

25 - "Escapism, History, & Good Advice" with Kate Dolan (@KDHays):


Ep. 301 – “Transformative Creativity” with Firdaus Kharas (@Culture_Shift):


Ep. 310.5 (Host 2 Host Special) – “Everyday Awakening” with Sam Liebowitz (@SamLiebowitz):


Ep. 319 – “The Hunter” with Jim Christina:


55 - "Life Branding" with Jon Michail (@jon_michail):