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Aug 21, 2021

“Life is too short to put off anything because of self-doubt.” – Mark Tullius

Today’s featured multi-genre author is father, husband, former MMA fighter, and host of the Vicious Whispers podcast, Mark Tullius. Mark and I talk about brain health, becoming an MMA fighter after being an Ivy League student, and more!!!


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

What inspired Mark to pick up MMA after attending Brown University

The 2 major keys that he picked up from interviewing over 300 MMA fighters & coaches.

What inspired him to write horror novels.

Why Mark says writing is a great catharsis.

What you can do to have a healthier brain.


Mark’s Site:

Mark’s Books:

Mark’s Podcast, “Vicious Whispers”:


The opening track for this episode is titled "Earth and Sea II" by Rukunetsu aka Project R (@Rukunetsu). Be sure to support this artist by clicking on this link:


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