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Nov 18, 2021

“Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean your child can’t become addicted to drugs.” – Laura Stack

Today’s featured NY Times Bestselling Author is award-winning keynote speaker and noted authority on team and personal productivity, Laura Stack, MBA, CSP, CPAE. Laura and I talk about the tragedy of losing her son to high-THC marijuana in 2019, and her mission to educate parents and teens about the harmful effects of marijuana on our children, teenagers, and emerging adults.


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

What dabbing really is and why you must know about it as a parent.

Some of the High-Potency Marijuana Products Used by Today’s Youth.

How Adolescent Marijuana Use Can Lead to Mental Illness and Psychosis.


Laura’s Site:

Johnny’s Ambassador’s:

Laura’s Books:


The opening track is titled, “North Wind and the Sun” by Trevin P. to listen to the full track and download it, click the following link.


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