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Jan 30, 2020

“Being real opens you up to more growth.” – Zachary Babcock


Today’s featured author is fellow podcast host and prisoner turned six-figure business owner Zachary Babcock. Zach and I talk about how being genuine in the land of social media shysters gives you an edge, his major goal to lower recidivism rates in...

Jan 27, 2020

“My pain birthed my passion.” – Kimberly Cleveland


Today’s featured author is event producer, mom and wife coach, Kimberly Cleveland. Kimberly and I talk about why she decided to become a wife coach, her new co-author projects and more! If you are looking to be that good thing for your significant other,...

Jan 23, 2020

Doing good work is not enough. You must also market yourself too.


Today’s featured author is fellow podcaster, tech leader and CTO, Manuj Aggarwal. Manuj and I talk about how he got into the technology field and his new goals as a startup coach after interviewing over 5,000 engineers.


Key Takeaways:

You are as...

Jan 20, 2020

Don’t assume that you will be a successful author without time, talent and or money.

Today’s featured USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author is publishing industry expert, Amy Collins. Amy and I talk about what it takes to become a successful author and more!!!


Key Takeaways:

Over 1.3 million new books...

Jan 16, 2020

People love seeing success stories and God created you to be one of them.


Today’s featured author is HR Specialist, Assisted Living Owner, minister and Marriage expert, Sonja Prince-Ward. Sonja and I talk about her co-author project, keys to a happy marriage and more!!!


Key Takeaways:

Any negative situation can be...