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Apr 29, 2024

Is your idea a good idea or a God idea?

Today’s featured award-winning bestselling author is certified life coach, minister, motivational speaker, and radio show host, Dr. Eric Holmes. Dr. Eric and I talk about the upcoming Power of The Pen The Author’s Expo happening in Baltimore, MD on May 27th, 2023, the...

Apr 25, 2024

Find something that you like to do, get really good at it, and then stick to it.

Today’s featured dark fiction author is Keith Anthony Baird from the UK. Keith and I had a chat about his books, how he deals with writer’s block, and more!!!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

How he became a writer

Where Keith gets...

Apr 24, 2024

“Motion creates momentum.” – Len Tran

Today’s featured author is award-winning speaker, black belt martial artist, trainer, and career & leadership Coach, Len Tran. Len and I had a fun chat about his first book, “Split Up by the Sea: A Vietnamese Refugee's Memoir of Survival and Hope”, how joining...

Apr 22, 2024

“How we communicate with each other is vital to human existence.” – Beth Wonson

Today’s featured author is communication expert, speaker, consultant, leadership coach, and CEO and Founder of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®, Beth Wonson. Beth and I had a fun chat about her books, her 4-stage process for...

Apr 18, 2024

Leaders of the future know how to shift other people’s thinking and positively influence others.

Today’s featured author is speaker, facilitator, thinker, ex-executive, and communication coach, Jay Williams. Jay and I had a fun chat about his books, why maximizing your communication skills is integral to better...