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Sep 26, 2022

“One of the greatest gifts that man was given was the ability to progress. And yet at the same time it’s a double-edged sword.” - James Edward Webb

Today’s featured author is father, husband, and US Army veteran, James Edward Webb. James and I have a fun chat about his first book, “Tom's Revenge”, how his...

Sep 25, 2022

“Everything will always work out and it will be okay in the end if you just keep on working and keep on pursuing something you love.” - Sarah Humpherys

Today’s featured author is a die-hard fantasy nerd and teenage writer of six novels, Sarah Humpherys. Sarah and I have a lighthearted chat about her YA Fantasy...

Sep 25, 2022

“Face your stuff, don’t stuff your face.” - Renée Jones

Today’s featured bestselling author is a wife, counselor, and TEDx speaker, Renée Jones. Renée and I had a laughter-filled chat about her book, “What’s Really Eating You?: Overcome the Triggers of Comfort Eating”, the main source of yo-yo dieting,...

Sep 25, 2022

“People want to read about ordinary lives too because we read books to learn how to live.” - Linda Wisniewski

Today’s featured award-winning author is memoir teacher, quilter, walker, knitter, ex-librarian, and docent at Pearl S. Buck International, Linda Wisniewski. Linda and I have a fun chat about her book,...

Sep 12, 2022

“Beta readers and editors are worth their weight in gold.” – Helen Starbuck

Today’s featured award-winning author is a third generation Colorado native, former OR nurse, editor, and speaker, Helen Starbuck. Helen and I have a fun chat about her award-winning book series, “An Annie Collins Mystery”, how her...