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Jun 15, 2020

Define who you want to be, tell people about it, and take action to become it.


Today’s featured international bestselling author is organizational psychologist, TEDx speaker, husband, and father of 5, Dr. Benjamin Hardy. Dr. Ben and I talk about his newest book, why you should let your future dictate your behavior...

May 21, 2020

“My perfect day wasn’t about me. It’s about what we’re doing as a collective coming together.” – Linda Lattimore

Today’s featured author is seasoned lawyer, C-suite executive, business strategist and architect for change, Linda Lattimore. Linda and I talk about how she’s staying sane during the...

May 14, 2020

“How you handle the middle process is going to determine your outcome.” – Dr. Eric Holmes

Today’s featured award-winning and bestselling author is minister, motivational speaker, and radio show host, Dr. Eric Holmes. Dr. Eric and I talk about intentional communication with God, bragging on God by telling others...

May 7, 2020

Buckle up because life is a great ride.

Today’s featured author is American Sign Language Interpreter, half-marathon runner, chocolate lover, and mom of 4, Kelly Brakenhoff. Kelly and I talk about how she got into writing both mystery novels and children’s books, where she finds the inspiration to write her books...

Apr 30, 2020

“Pain creates passion and purpose until vision takes over.” – Rock Thomas


Today’s featured bestselling author is fellow podcast host, speaker, and multi-millionaire, Rock Thomas. Rock and I talk about whole-life wealth, the power of imagination, and tons more!!!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

What a whole life...