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Feb 22, 2024

“Everything is solvable.” – Kohila Sivas

Today’s featured international bestselling author is a mom, wife, educator, Professional Math Interventionist, Master NLP coach, and the creator of the MathCodes Method™ and SuccessCodes Method™, Kohila Sivas. Kohila and I had a chat about her books,...

Feb 21, 2024

“Don’t wait to be perfect.” - Sabine Kvenberg

Today’s featured bestselling bookcaster is actress, singer, songwriter, storyteller, and Mindset Success Coach, Sabine Kvenberg. Sabine and I had a chat about her books, her Toastmasters journey, and more to help you become your best possible self!


Key Things...

Feb 15, 2024

“Even if you’re not a writer, write your life story because you’ll learn so much.” – Debra Holz

Today’s featured award-winning bestselling author is Expert Legal Copywriter Debra Holz. Debra and I had a chat about her book, “Out of the Darkness: Aligning Science and Spirit to Overcome Depression”,...

Feb 14, 2024

“Having a fantastic relationship is a learnable skill.” – Dr. Alexandra Stockwell

Today’s featured bestselling bookcaster is a mom of 4, wife, and Intimate Marriage Expert, Alexandra Stockwell, MD. Dr. Alexandra and I had a fun chat about her book, “Uncompromising Intimacy: Turn your unfulfilling marriage...

Feb 5, 2024

“Stop apologizing for shining your light brightly.” - Seana Zelazo

Today’s featured author is a psychotherapist, intuitive channel, spiritual coach, mentor, former competitive triathlete, and teacher, Seana Zelazo. Seana and I had a fun chat about her book, “The Way of Inanna: A Heroine’s Guide to Living...