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Mar 26, 2020

“For every success, there’s been hundreds of misfires.” – Joe Scacciaferro

Today’s featured author is digital innovator, 5X Emmy award-winning producer, and 2X Super Bowl ring recipient, Joe Scacciaferro. Joe and I talk about how he got started with writing instructional music books, overcoming dyslexia, and his legacy project, Ferro City.


Key Takeaways:

“As you move forward, don’t expect everything to roll out as you think it’s going to roll out.”

Always ask for what you want.

Humility comes to those to truly appreciate their success.

Stay true to yourself.

Learn to love learning new things constantly.


Ferro City:


Joe’s Site:


Joe’s Podcast, “Skills & Technology”:  


Joe’s Books:


The opening track is titled “Love Notes” by EV Sharp (aka MagicMusicx). To listen and download the full track, click the following link.


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