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Dec 24, 2020

“Engineering is a lot more versatile than people give it credit for.” - Neil Thompson


Today’s featured author is fellow toastmaster, podcast host, and Medical device engineer, Neil Thompson. Neil and I talk about his STEM book series for children, podcast interviews, and more!!!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

What prompted Neil to write a Children’s STEM book specifically for black children.

What discovery Neil made while doing the research for his Children’s book series.

Why Neil prefers conversational style podcasts. Especially with his show “Teach the Geek”.

Why Toastmasters is a great forum to become a better communicator.



Neil’s Site:

Neil’s Book for Children:

Neil’s Podcast:


The opening track is titled "Urgent Advance - METAL GEAR 2 Q-MIX" by Rukunetsu AKA Project R. Be sure to click the link below to check out his wonderful music.


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