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Nov 29, 2021

“Food can be our greatest form of medicine or our slowest form of poison.” – Risa Groux

Today’s featured author is Functional Nutritionist and Certified Autoimmune Coach, Risa Groux. Risa and I have an informative conversation about being your own health advocate, 5 reasons why you don’t lose weight, and more...

Nov 29, 2021

You are more capable than you think you are.

Today’s bonus bestselling author for this host 2 host episode is father, husband, fellow Christian, and Self-Publishing Coach, Jeremy Sutton. Jeremy and I talk about faith, podcasting, and tapping into your potential to become a published author.


Key Thing’s You’ll...

Nov 27, 2021

“Find out what you really like doing and have the courage to do it.” - Rusty Gailliard


Today’s featured author is Speaker and Transformational Coach, Rusty Gailliard. Rusty and I have an inspirational chat about being around the right people that will challenge you, becoming an entrepreneur after leaving a great...

Nov 27, 2021

“Even though you woke up today, you’re not promised to live out the rest of this day.” – Darius Bradley Sr.

Today’s bonus motivational episode features 3 of the total 17 authors from the bestselling book, “The Impact Of Influence Vol. 2: Using Your Influence To Create A Life Of Impact”. We talked about the...

Nov 25, 2021

“It doesn’t matter so much what I think about something. It doesn’t matter what I believe about something. It matters what I do in relationship with that something.” - Claude AnShin Thomas

Today’s featured bestselling author is Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran, ordained Zen Buddhist monk, and the founder of the...