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Feb 17, 2020

A lot of little known stories from the Civil Rights era need to be told.


Today’s featured award-winning author is a freelance writer of a wide range of topics, including women's history, civil rights, dance, music, kids' allowances, and how to make practicing a musical instrument less of a hassle for kids and...

Feb 14, 2020

“Failures are so amazing.” – Nate Bailey

Today’s featured bestselling author is fellow podcaster, TEDx speaker, coach, and US Army veteran, Nate Bailey. Nate and I talk about podcasting, how he became an ultra-marathon runner, the mindset it takes to run that many miles and more!


Key Takeaways:

“Be a person...

Feb 10, 2020

Any action is better than complacency.


Today’s featured bestselling author is TEDx speaker, executive coach, and startup founder Jordan Gross. Jordan and I talk about his newest book, the benefits of fiction books, and how to live your own cloud nine life!


Key Takeaways:

How do I figure out what I truly want to...

Feb 6, 2020

“It’s one thing to know the gift, it’s another thing to nurture the gift.” – Dr. Ray Charles


Today’s featured bestselling author is keynote speaker, risk management specialist, certified spiritual coach, and fellow podcast host, Dr. Ray Charles. Dr. Ray and I talk about being proactive, how he serves...

Feb 3, 2020

“Take care of your energetic hygiene.” – Wendie Colter


Today’s featured author is Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner (CMIP®), Certified Master Energy Healing Practitioner, Transformational Coach (CEG) and singer, Wendie Colter. Wendie and I talk about intuition, self-care and more!!!