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Jan 18, 2022

“Everyday broaden the level of your understanding.” - Chancellor K. Jackson

Today’s featured bestselling author is former collegiate level athlete, life coach, and youth empowerment expert, Chancellor Jackson. Chancellor and I talk about his book, “14 Days in Beijing: The Novel”, his work with troubled youth,...

Jan 17, 2022

“You feel joy by making a difference.” – Laura Rowley

Today’s featured bestselling author is fellow podcast host, professional animal communicator, and Intuitive Healer, Laura Rowley. Laura and I talk about her story in the book, “Mayhem to Miracles”, communicating with animals, and more!!


Key Thing’s...

Jan 16, 2022

“The more that you can be accountable for, the better your outcome can be.” – Adam Coleman

Today’s featured author is public Speaker, certified IT Professional, and the Founder of Wrong Speak Publishing, Adam B. Coleman. Adam and I talk about his book, “Black Victim To Black Victor: Identifying the ideologies,...

Jan 15, 2022

“Relationships are a spiritual journey for expanding beyond that egocentric, naïve view of how the world is.” – Dr. Susan Campbell

Today’s bonus featured international bestselling author is couple therapist, relationship coach, speaker, workshop leader, trained sex therapist, trainer of professional coaches,...

Jan 13, 2022

Be patient and always look for opportunities to explore the world.

Today’s featured bestselling author is a father, husband, retired Senior Foreign Service Officer, Global Development Executive, and International Adventurer, Allan "Alonzo" Wind. Allan and I talk about his book, “Andean Adventures: An Unexpected...