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Feb 20, 2024

“Live the life that you choose, not the life that is chosen for you.” - Sallie Wagner

Today’s featured bestselling bookcaster is lawyer, real estate broker, instructor, award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, life consultant, and hula-hoop enthusiast, Sallie Wagner. Sallie and I had a chat about her books, how to...

Feb 19, 2024

As a speaker, look at the demographics of your audience ahead of time.

Today’s featured bestselling author is a 25-year veteran of the speaking industry, marketer for small businesses, and entrepreneur, Bret Ridgway. Bret and I had a fun chat about his books, some of the biggest "oops" moments that he’s seen from...

Feb 7, 2024

“Abundance is where the truth meets possibility.” – Barbara Sloan

Today’s featured bestselling author is personal finance expert and money coach, Barbara Sloan. Barbara and I had a fun chat about her book, “Tipped: The life changing guide to financial freedom for waitresses, bartenders, strippers, and all...

Feb 6, 2024

“Laughing is the biggest energy boost that you can give yourself.” - Romana Hasenöhrl

Today’s featured author is a long-term traveler, astrologer, writing coach, happiness trainer, and certified Laughter Yoga Trainer, Romana Hasenöhrl. Romana and I talk about her books, the benefits of laughter, and more!!


Jan 17, 2024

Be real with yourself.

Today’s fellow featured bookcaster is a Talent Development Specialist, Career Coach, TEDx speaker, and Elena Agaragimova. Elena and I had a fun chat about her book, “The Rough Guide to Awesome Leadership: A Brain Friendly Approach to Take Action and Be an Inspiring Leader”, rebirthing your...