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Jan 28, 2019

Today's featured author is fellow podcast host, full-time real estate investor and founder of Cash Flow Connections, Hunter Thompson. Hunter and I talk about how lost his wealth back in the 2008 stock market crash and built himself back up to buying over $45 million dollars of commercial property in 2018 as well as why investing in self-storage units is a great way to build a passive investment portfolio. 


Key Takeaways:

  • The worse the economy is doing the more demand is for affordable housing.
  • Self-storage is used a lot and is not looked at too much as an investment tool.
  • Avoid being in a reactionary state of mind.
  • There is an abundance of self-storage units in the US. More than Subways, Starbucks & McDonalds.


Hunter's Website: 

Hunter's Podcast: 


The opening track is titled, "Improve Yourself More" by Rukunetsu aka Project R. To listen and download the entire track, click the following link.