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Mar 18, 2019

“Discern before you disclose.” - Nelson Brown


Today's featured author is entrepreneur,  environmentalist, evangelist, and Nelson Brown. Nelson and I talk about his media journey of promoting his 1st book, his upcoming event on May 2nd and tons more!


Key Takeaways:


Make sure that your life is not a mess online. Especially when trying to connect with others on a business level.

You can’t accomplish anything in life without a plan.

There are 4 types of people on a team:

  1. Those who like you and want you to succeed.

  2. Those that like you but not into what you are            trying to get done.

  3. Those that don’t like you but they like what you        are trying to get done.

  4. Those who don’t like you and don’t like your            dream.

There are certain people you cannot share your successes with. Some will not support you.

Like yourself enough to set some goals for yourself.

“Your mistakes are what make you better.”


Nelson's Book: