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Apr 22, 2019

There’s somebody waiting to hear YOUR message from YOU.


Today's featured bestselling author is award-winning speaker, entrepreneur and the Founder of the Black Speakers Network, Brian J. Olds. Brian and I talk about what led him to start the Black Speakers Network, why you should provide a product before perfecting it and tons more!


Key Takeaways:


Tap into the collective power of collaboration.


You can make money today. You don’t have to wait until you put 10,000 hours of work into your mastering your craft.


My 1st product was a $5 PDF that generated over $1,000.


Learn to launch a product that’s good enough to sell while everyone else is trying to think about and create a perfect product.


With deep focus and discipline, you can create and launch a product quickly.


Get feedback with small products and improve and build upon that feedback with the next product release. Think about the 1st iPhone compared to now.


Even though a Tuesday morning might be statistically the best day to launch a new product, people may not always buy it when they 1st see it.


Opportunities are readily available to those who take action.


Know your message as a speaker before trying to monetize your gifts, skills, and talents more effectively.


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