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Dec 2, 2019

Seek to never retire from doing valuable work and contributing to your fellow human being.

Today's featured bestselling author is speaker, award-winning poet, harpist, singer, and the #1 Brain Rejuvenator, Julie Renee Doering. Julie and I talk about living a dynamic life by having a healthy brain. This is one interview that you don't want to miss!


Key Takeaways:

Meditating at 4:30 am is a great way to start your day.

Smiles bring happiness and show approval.

We have the capacity to live longer lives.

Having young children in your life keeps you young and active.

Ample energy comes from good sleep and a proper diet.

Energy from the body is supply and demand. If you ask your body for it and take care of it, energy will come to you.

Keep your brain hydrated by drinking 2-4 ounces of water every 30-45 minutes. A hydrated brain is a healthy brain.

Always exercise and use your mind. The brain must be fed continuously.

“Read books of great value and develop your mind.”

Commit to reading a book a week.

Singing keeps your energy at a high level.

“The human voice is the closest resonance with the Divine.”


Julie's Site:

Julie's Books:


Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Book: "Parenting Children of Trauma":


Book: "Yes Yes Hell No":


Book: "The Blue Zones":


The opening track is titled, "Oni Kazumi R-Mix" by Rukunetsu (AKA Project R). To listen to the full track and download it, click the following link. 


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