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May 21, 2020

“My perfect day wasn’t about me. It’s about what we’re doing as a collective coming together.” – Linda Lattimore

Today’s featured author is seasoned lawyer, C-suite executive, business strategist and architect for change, Linda Lattimore. Linda and I talk about how she’s staying sane during the pandemic, being your own best resource, and tons more!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

  • What morning habits to change or avoid to start off on a positive note.
  • The ingredients needed to bake your own “Success” cake.
  • How companies are taking social responsibility to better themselves.
  • What Linda’s perfect day would look like.


Linda’s Site:

Linda’s Book:

Linda's Special Course:

Coupon Code for the Above Course Mentioned in Episode:  ILLUMINATE40

The opening track is titled, Mountain Heights (ReM) by Madxruler (formally known as Ruler Inc.) To cop this track, click the following link.


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