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Oct 19, 2020

“There was something, even more, I needed to be and that was just me.” – Jess Campmans


Today’s featured author is mother, wife, podcast host, Intuitive Equine Guided Facilitator, and Equine Guided Sacred Messenger, Jess Campmans. Jess and I talk about the horse/human connection, finding her authentic self, and tons more!!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

How she keeps up with being a farm wife, mother, and entrepreneur.

How Horses can bring calmness to humans.

The biggest lessons that she learned from caring for horses.



Jess’ Site:

The Crappy to Happy Book: 



A special shoutout goes to MadXRuler (Formally Known as Ruler Inc.) for his track, "Meadows" Be sure to cop track along with his other work through this link.


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