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Aug 15, 2022

“Your perspective is going to dictate how you react to a situation.” - Kevin E. Eastman

Today’s featured author is father, husband, speaker, mentor, business consultant, community activist, and U.S. Air Force veteran, Kevin E. Eastman. Kevin and I talk about his book, “Don’t Gamble on Life Improvement…Until You Shift the Odds”, lessons learned from publishing his first book, and more!!!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

How he joined the Air Force

What led to him become a published author.

His greatest failure that helped him to create his greatest success.

Why self-help can be a hard genre of choice for writers.


Kevin’s Site:

Kevin’s Book:


The opening track is titled, “North Wind and the Sun” by Trevin P. to listen to the full track and download it, click the following link.


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