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Aug 17, 2020

“Life is here to be lived and it’s meant to be humorous.” – Jen Gaudet


Today’s featured international bestselling author is speaker and life strategist, Jen Gaudet. Jen and I have a fun conversation about setting boundaries, saying “no” from a place of love and tons more! This is one episode that you don’t want to miss!


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

Why work/life balance doesn’t exist, especially now.

Why saying “no” is not rejecting someone.

The meaning behind Jen’s coffee mug collection. :) 

Why saying yes too much to the wrong thing leaves you empty.

What success means to Jen.

What can truly bring you joy.

How to say no from a place of love.

What Jen does to “secretly” manage her energy.  :) 


Jen’s Site:

Jen’s Book:


The opening track is titled, "Don't You" from The Solar Mixtape by Asis Galvin. Be sure to capture this beat by clicking this link. 


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