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Jun 18, 2020

“Too many of us take our dancing shoes off too soon. The truth is that we should be dancing all through life. Living as vitally as vibrantly as we can.” - Stephanie Raffelock


Today’s featured author is fellow podcaster and advocate for the positive potential of aging, Stephanie Raffelock. Stephanie and I talk about healthy aging, why people 30 and under need to stop calling themselves old and more!!!


Key things You’ll Learn:

Why we fear aging.

The 3 A’s of Successfully Aging Well

Some methods to destress and slow down the aging process.



Stephanie’s Book:

Stephanie’s Site:

Stephanie’s Podcast:


The opening track is titled “MoreStrangeSunset~Strange Sunset Rmix” by Project R (AKA Rukunetsu). To listen and download the full track, click/tap the following link.


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